I sat down with The Lakehouse's Executive Chef Walter Edwards to chat about recipes and of course the butter and cheese he has ordered from us since the new Jason Wilson restaurant opened this summer. He went on to note that he could make up a recipe, but the products are too good on their own to get lost inside of another dish. Thus they simply, and marvelously serve the butter for their bread and butter service and the cheese on their cheese platter.

Therefore if you are simply searching for our butter and cheeses in their purest forms, The Lakehouse is a grand place to find them. And of course everything else they serve up here is just as breathtaking as our jersey delights. 


Premium Reserve is our oldest aged cheese. Encased in a deep brown natural rind, each wheel is brushed and flipped every couple of weeks under our watchful eye. Being aged about a year allows for rich toffee notes, roasted nut suggestions, earthy undertones, and warmed milk memories to develop and shine. Sitting alongside our cheese that day was Ancient Heritage’s Willow Creek as well as Rogue Creamery’s Smoked Blue. Willow Creek is a semi-soft cow and sheep milk cheese that brings both grassy and floral notes. Smokey Blue also from Oregon is a great balancing act between the classic blue tang and a forward smokey finish. Everything else was made in house and, of course, was seasonal. For their vessel they had coffee flour crackers {a fantastic sustainable side project of Jason Wilson}, then a dollop each of a sweet concord grape jam and a spicy pumpkin chutney. The chutney was a dream for it paired smashingly with each cheese, especially with ours bringing out those deep earthy notes. The pairing inspired me to create a squash dish with our jersey buttermilk so head over to our recipe tab to check it out. Okay okay I am going to stop gushing so that you still have a reason to head over there to give it a go for yourself. 

The Lakehouse in Bellevue’s Lincoln Square, transports you directly to a dapper Northwest farmhouse on a lake. Every inch has been thought through. The ceiling is fitted with rafters, there is an enclosed room like a master dining room, and a number of gastronomy books lying about as if dinner was announced so you simply laid your book down on the nearest shelf. It is delightful.


They use our golden butter in their bread and butter service. Our unsalted butter is dressed with a few salt crystals before heading out to the dining room, which is not only beautiful but scrumptious. The rolls are from a local bakery, and the pairing is just the right start to any and every meal at The Lakehouse. 

The Lakehouse

10455 NE 5th Pl
Bellevue, WA, 98004
2nd floor of Lincoln Square South