Dairy Reserve - Tangy, sweet, and buttery with a smooth, nutty finish.  A semi-firm cheese aged between 4 and 8 months with a cocoa, black pepper, and cinnamon-rubbed natural rind. 2014 ACS Winner.

Premium Reserve - Same make as our Dairy Reserve, but given an extra six months of careful TLC while it matures. Dense, fudgy texture with a sharp tangy complexity. 2014 ACS Winner!

Meadow Bloom -A luscious, tangy, unctuous, mushroomy double-crème bloomy rind cheese that develops a nice briny earthiness as it ripens. The small format makes it challenging to resist consuming the whole thing in one sitting.

Whey Ricotta - A traditional Italian dry ricotta. Light, fluffy, and slightly sweet - a great addition to pasta, pizza, salads, and most sweet treats.

Fromage Blanc - A creamy, young, soft cheese made from skim milk and fresh Jersey cream. Available either plain or blended with a medley of fresh, locally-grown savory herbs


Cultured Butter -Silky-smooth, grassy and creamy - the way butter was meant to taste! Cultured in the European style and available in both gray salt and unsalted varieties. 2016 ACS Winner!

Herbed Rose - Fines Herbes - a classic French blend of dried green herbs - along with dried lavender and rose petals are gently folded into our signature Gray Salt Butter, resulting in a luscious, aromatic butter unlike anything you've ever tasted . A delicious addition to roast chicken, grilled  cheese, or atop your next morning scone. 2016 ACS Winner!

Coffee - We take fresh, locally-roasted coffee grounds and steep them overnight in our cultured cream before churning. The result is a deep, earthy, butter that has subtle notes of cocoa and pepper. Pair with your next steak or use to top a baked sweet potato or fresh biscuit (an additional drizzle of raw honey on the latter certainly wouldn't be a bad thing either). 2016 ACS Winner!



Cultured Ghee - Made from our signature cultured butter, this ghee is gently cooked and clarified down to its purist form - resulting in a milky, nutty, luscious fat source that has an impressive nutritional profile, is free of milk solids, and has a high smoke point.

Cultured Buttermilk - Freshly captured off of the butter churn, bottled, and chilled.  Add to your favorite recipes for a nutritious and refreshing tang. 2014 ACS Winner!

Fresh Cream - Luscious, rich, and delicious. Jersey cow cream at it's best.

Fresh Whey - Protein-packed and exceptionally nutrient-rich. Numerous culinary uses including tasty additions to soups, stocks, cocktails, brines, baked goods, as well as an excellent vehicle for in-house fermentation - veggies, fruit, name it!



Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Meadow Muse - A sweet, grassy, buttery cheese made exclusively from the early spring milk from our herd. Aged for one-month and available in the late spring and early summer.